​​About and Examples

With over 30 years experience in finance and accounting,  I can help you with  Excel tools and financial analysis to help you better organize, evaluate, and understand the numbers behind your business to enable better decision making.

I have a B.S in Accounting from Lehigh University and an MBA from
Columbia Business School. 
I am extremely organized and pay tremendous attention to detail.
My expertise is in knowing how to organize, analyze and present numbers.


Cashflow models for private equity firm to analyze impacts of variables on potential business purchases' profitability

Waterfall models to integrate into projections in order to evaluate various capital structure options

Budgeting tool to enable mid tier management's involvement into the business decision making process

Projection model and consultation to understand and evaluate the components and risks of starting a new business

Investment allocation rebalancing model to improve trading efficiencies for financial planner

27 years experience in investment banking:
  • Built interactive user-friendly Excel models to generate financial projections while evaluating multiple strategic impacts
  • Created CDO Cashflow models to evaluate structures, returns, and Credit Ratings
  • Analyzed and built accounting models for new products
  • Researched regulations pertaining to clients' businesses in order to evaluate the potential impact on their business model and financial performance
  • Evaluated macroeconomic changes' impacts to future earnings

​Two years coordinating, analyzing and presenting branch office expenses for division of a fortune 500 company

Additional work experience: